dedicated servers

Self-managed Dedicated Server

Our self-managed servers are perfect for web hosts, developers, or clans that want full access! Other game server providers use our self-managed services too.
  • Choice of your operating system (see list below), with full root / administrator access.
  • Run game servers, web hosting, streaming, for development, custom apps. Whatever your need is!
  • Installation of software be it a web server, a game server, control panel or database, is managed by you.
  • INX-Gaming provide professional support for hardware faults, and network issues.
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Fully-managed dedicated game server

Perfect for professional gaming clans/communities that want to run multiple high quality game servers on a dedicated server hosting platform. If you are looking to host a single server, you may wish to choose a more affordable game server.
  • We manage a dedicated server for you, with the soul purpose of running multiple game servers.
  • Supporting every game that we sell.
  • You can run as many game servers as the server specifications can handle.
  • No root/administrator access, but full FTP access!
  • Our own control panel provided for each game server instance, to let you run your game servers trouble fee
  • We look after everything from software patching/upgrading to security.
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Free Server Extras

1 IP Addresses

We provide you with 1 of your very own IP address free with each dedicated server for convenience!More can be bought by raising a ticket.

Perfect Pings

We've invested thousands of pounds in our network to ensure super-low pings, even when things get busy!

Longer Purchase = Discount!

You'll get a discount if you make a longer purchase: 5% off for 3-month purchase, 10% for 6-month, 15% for 12-month.


Don't just take our word for it! Here are some comments from clans that rent our servers and have rented in the past:

I'd just like to take a min and say well done INX-Gaming I have had my server for about 4 weeks all is great nice ping, no lag, and no problems at all. Keep up the great work guys.