Updates and Changes

New features

As you have noticed this is not quite the same blog that you were looking at 24 hours ago and thats because we have done a total rebuild on it with a new theme, and some new features.

We will shortly be fully releasing the new Knowledge Base that will be incorporated into the blog. It is taking shape and is being populated as I speak and will continue to be added to as we get new tickets and we don’t have a nice answer for you. Thus meaning you get the help you want quicker!

Searching has been improved by searching everything, including the new Knowledge Base and will highlight your phrase so makes it easier to find what your looking for. Meaning no more trawling through pages of stuff and then finding its not there!

Team Speak 3, this is well and truly under development I handed over the newly built server for our developer to start using at the beginning of the week. So hopefully not too far away now (and no we are not talking Valve time!!) and so we are getting quite excited about this, as it won’t just be Team Speak 3!!

An email will be going out about this but the Ventrilo servers will be unavailable on Thursday the 30th of September 2010 between 0300 – 1200 local time UK.

For now peace out and keep fragging!!
Olly & Simon

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