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Left 4 Dead versus Killing Floor

I’m very fussy with my choice of games, and it takes a good game to capture my imagination, and moreso to get me hooked. Since Left 4 Dead was released some 9 months ago, there have been times where instead … Continue reading

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Team Fortress 2 server update 9th June 2009

An update for TF2 game servers was released around 1am this morning. Please run update on your control panel to install this update, then restart the game server. Engine —— Fixed Day of Defeat: Source server crash when loading  dod_jagd. … Continue reading

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Counterstrike Source game servers are immortal

When you think of immortality, you sum up an image of a deity. Indestructible. And that’s not far off Counterstrike. As I write, just shy of 40,000 people are playing on Counterstrike Source game servers world wide. Only World of … Continue reading

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