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25p per slot
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Ventrilo hosting

Please note our voice servers are temporarily unavailable for purchase.

Order a fully authorised and licensed Ventrilo voice server today from INX-Gaming. Vent servers are used by gaming clans, as well as gaming communities and guilds that play MMORPG and role playing games such as World of Warcraft (WOW). To see the advantages of ordering your voice server from INX-Gaming, scroll down. Order your Ventrilo server now using the drop-down menu below!

Included As Standard

All of this is standard with every Ventrilo voice server:

Fast Setup

All Ventrilo servers are setup same business day.

Web Control Panel

Both Teamspeak 2 and Ventrilo are provided with a free web-management panel from where the server can be controlled.

Yours & Yours Only

Just like with our clan servers, you get your own complete Ventrilo server, not just a channel! It's yours to customise as you wish.

Perfect Pings

We've invested thousands of pounds in our clanserver network to ensure super-low pings, even when things get busy!

High-Quality Codecs

We have a fantastic selection of top-quality crystal-clear voice codecs available through Ventrilo!

Also bundled in...

  • Full admin rights to your server

    You don't share your server with anyone else! Public or private options can be selected when ordering.
  • Excellence as Standard

    We've been around as a gameserver host and voice server provider for 5 years now, and as long as there are gamers, there will be INX. We have a top-notch team of support technicians and network managers working around the clock to make sure everything stays peachy.

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Don't just take our word for it! Here are some comments from clans that rent our servers and have rented in the past:

Don't be put off by the marginally higher price because the quality of service is unbeatable... For as long as I want to rent a game server of any kind, it will be with INX-Gaming. Many thanks to INX for top drawer support and service.