Cod 4 weekend no, no!

Many of you may have wondered why settling down with a beer this weekend, that when you went to join your favourite Call of Duty 4 server, you were being foiled!

INX-Gaming Call of Duty 4  server owners reported a variety of issues error messages ranging from INVALID CD KEY, to finding their achievements and perks history profile….being wiped and corrupted. EEK!

I learnt via the Call of Duty 4 Linux mailing list that this was due to routing issues. Others claimed it may have been a man in the middle attack.

Either way we’re not sure. But coupled with America’s Labour Day, and a long weekend, this issue raged on from Friday through to Monday.

Personally, I am discusted. A whole weekend without playing on Call of Duty 4 servers. I actually had to go out and socialise!

- Olly

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