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Insurgency at INX!

At last, after rigorous testing, we are happy to announce that you can now safely switch your game servers to and from Insurgency! We are also accepting Insurgency orders which will be setup instantly via our automated system. If you … Continue reading

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Battlefield 2 Ranked Game Servers

There’s been quite a lot of discussion on the forums about this recently. Basically, Electronic Arts are refusing to allow us to sell ranked BF2 game servers (because to do so you must be a member of EA’s trusted partner … Continue reading

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Game Server User Manager and File Server Trouble!

This week we’re happy to present the User Manager tool, which has been released in addition to a new login screen. The user manager is very much a unique tool to our system. It allows you to create control panel … Continue reading

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New Game Panel Feature – File Editor

We have some good news for all you game server customers out there! The game server control panel has been updated today with a fantastic new feature: a file editor! “What’s so special about that?” I hear you cry… well, … Continue reading

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Game Servers

We are currently in talks with the developers of the up and coming game, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, the sequel to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. We hope to be one of the first providers to host ranked game servers for the … Continue reading

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CS Source Gun Game Server!

Our Counter-Strike Source Public GunGame Server is now up! Feel free to come join us on the game server in the evenings for some GunGame fun on one of the most popular GunGame map rotations. We’ve got GunGame deathmatch … Continue reading

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Did someone say *any* game?

Wow, this week really has flown by. Lots of stuff has gone on at INX, but, as far as you guys are concerned: we’ve already completely filled one of our two new Quadcore game servers (Quadcore 4 is filling up … Continue reading

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Quadcores, Instant Setup Game Servers, Woo!

On Thursday our third and fourth Intel Quadcore machines arrived from Dell! These sexy (expensive) beasts are being used for almost all new game server customers, which, might I add, are now being setup instantly! Olly was lucky enough to have … Continue reading

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A Welcome Nightmare

After receiving two rather patronising emails from Del Monte this morning, I decided it was time to investigate. Why were game server customers not receiving their welcome emails? I installed Sendmail in a hurry on Agatha (our 2nd web server) a short while ago … Continue reading

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