Game Server User Manager and File Server Trouble!

This week we’re happy to present the User Manager tool, which has been released in addition to a new login screen. The user manager is very much a unique tool to our system. It allows you to create control panel user accounts for your team/clan members so they can login and access various functions of the panel that you make available to them.

So, say you want your team member ‘Bob’ to be able to restart the game server and edit files (such as game server map cycle) but nothing more… it’s simple! Click onto the User Manager page, click Add User and tick the game panel features that you wish Bob to have access to. Our system will then create an account for him so he can login; this will not only make the busy and stressful life of a game server owner much easier, but your clan members can enjoy using the panel too. In fact, maybe they could help donate towards the cost of the server if they get an account to login and control parts of it? The choice is all yours!

We had a brief issue yesterday when our central file server died! As this file server is a core part of our network, it contained some files that helped the control panel work, and as such many users experienced issues when running the fix-me tool or the reinstall tool. Luckily one of our technicians was at hand and the server was restored in under an hour after it went down. To ensure that this does not happen again, we are investing money into replacing the box with a more expensive and, naturally, more powerful machine; the hardware in it will be more reliable and far more redundant. Technology has advanced slightly since the central file server was setup, and it’s probably time for an upgrade!

Why am I telling you all this? Well, why not. As UK’s Number 1 game server host, we are proud to admit the little hickups we have here and there; after all, no-one’s perfect.

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5 Responses to Game Server User Manager and File Server Trouble!

  1. Imatate says:

    Very interesting blog update, I just added bob ;)

  2. Del Monte says:

    here here!

  3. Actually Del Monte, it’s ‘hear hear’.

    Unless you were telling Carl off, and ordering him here, here. :P

  4. Simon Gunton says:

    Can i have the old server????

    but yer nice to know inx are replacing the server :D

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