Day of Defeat Source Update

Beta, has become better! Steam updates were released last night for Day of Defeat Source. Those that have been playing he beta of DOD Source will be familiar with the new changes.

The big required Day of Defeat: Source update has now been released. his means the Day of Defeat: Source Beta has also ended.  Please update our servers by running hldsupdatetool.  The specific changes include:

  • Switched to using the Orange Box engine
  • Added new map, Palermo

As above, apart from a new map Palermo, Day of Defeat Source has moved over to the Orange Box gaming engine, also used by Team Fortress 2. We wait with baited breath to see whether Counterstrike Source will also move over.

The main addition to Day of Defeat Source is players will now see a reward / achievement based system, which is prevalent in Team Fortress 2.  Revenge freeze cams, nemesises, and detailed stats are now active in game.

It’s worked with Team Fortress 2, but is it welcome in Day of Defeat Source. Only time will tell as to how the ageing community takes it.

Three updates in four days. Until the next one :)

- Olly

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