Metal Gear Solid 4 Review *Spoilers Alert* *Fanboy Ranting Alert*

I am one of those who bought a PS3 to play MGS4 on.

One of countless hundreds.

This game was worth the money easily.

The “in” jokes, the awesome sneaking gameplay, the thrill of wondering if the guard walking towards you will see you, the variety of missions in the variety of environments, the dialogue, the humour, the sorrow, the single best Mech fight I’ve ever encountered in a game (MG Rex versus MG Ray) the return to Shadow Moses (Back To The Origin? After all, Only Snake is the True Hero), and the epic boss battles. The sting in the tail ending (these spoilers I won’t reveal) is after the best climax of any game I have ever played.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an epic end to an epic series. Pour it a pint, it’s done bloody well for itself. Here’s to you Kojima! You went wrong with Raiden but you went right with Meryl. You went wrong with the PS3 exclusive but you went right with the well-timed MGS2 launch. Sony may have denied you the ability to have us switch controllers to fight Mantis, but you burned them for it. I never thought I’d say it but I am truly satisfied – my MGS cravings are completely filled, and you wrapped up the story perfectly. Congratulations – you are a true hero.

- John

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2 Responses to Metal Gear Solid 4 Review *Spoilers Alert* *Fanboy Ranting Alert*

  1. R2-d2 says:

    Very well written.

    Good read.

  2. Olly says:

    I bought this on the basis of your review.

    I am not disappointed. What a game!

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