Xbox 360 live + headset? No thanks


So it’s not as if I am new to screaming gaming kiddies. First, as a pro-leet CS 1.5 / 1.6 player, I remember fondly each night the abuse over voice chat. Then as director and support staff at a big game server provider. So, do I get all boo-hoo and upset at a 13 year old calling me a fag? Water off a duck’s back, mate!

Yesterday (Sunday) was my first day off in a long long while. Having not really played much, I decided to get out the XBox 360 I bought some months ago, now with the exception of my PES2008 addiction, gathering dust. I purchased my Xbox Live gold membership, and hooked up to a COD4 server. After pwning for a while, I thought, Why not try that headset they provide?

So on it went. Rather comfortable too. Not like those cheap headsets that brand your ears.

Now, please I’m not a prude. My friends will confirm far from it! It takes a lot to make me blush. Like the cheap moisturiser I thought would make me look good, the other day. Ouch. First impressions, Xbox Live is packed full of nasty, rude, obnoxious little ****es. Of course, not to discount those normal friendly people on there. There are a few, such as the guys added to my friend’s list. Nice to meet you guys ;)

In 5 minutes, I came across:

- Nasty homophobia (gay, faggot…bovved. Let’s face it, kids use the word gay like they do the word want. That doesn’t bother / offend me). I do object when it gets personal and nasty.

- Anti-semitism. Personal jokes about the nazis, the holocaust. One young lad actually piped up really upset…Hey guys, do you mind, I’m Jewish only to be laughed at, mocked and insulted further.

- Complete lack of sportsmanship. If you block or TK, you say sorry. You do not spawn camp.

- Complete lack of skills. How on my first go, did I manage to obliterate the noobs so easily?

- Absolutely no discussion, friendliness, or niceness.

I played on several different ‘servers’…all the same.

Sunday’s conclusion? Stick to the PC for playing Call of Duty 4 game servers. So I’ve put the headset back in the attic, and won’t be taking it back out. Pro Evolution Soccer on Xbox Live is fine. I enjoy that. But for FPS, I’ll have my PC back please.

I do hope this isn’t where online gaming is going.

- Olly

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