INX Gaming Tutorial: Control Panel Overview

This tutorial is also available in a video. Click here to view the video tutorial.


We are going to go through logging into your control panel and access your server(s). You will now need to login to your INX control panel which can be located at

To login you need to enter your email address and your password as highlighted below. Once you have entered these details, click ‘Sign-In’.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be presented with three areas in which you can access. You now need to click ‘My Services’ which will show you all the services which you are renting from INX Gaming.

You will now be shown all of the services that you are renting from INX Gaming. As you can see from this example, there is a web hosting package and a 12 slot Counter Strike Source server.

You can access the control panel for each of the services by clicking on ‘Control Panel’ under each service. We are now going to proceed to the control panel of the server. To do this, click ‘Control Panel’ under the game server as highlighted above.

You are now shown details of the selected server and its current status. There are pre-set links available to access your server via FTP, HLSW and Game Monitor which are shown under the ‘Access Your Server’ section.

You also have the ability to carry out basic tasks at the click of a button. You can start, stop and restart your server all by a click of your mouse. If you think that your server is out of date you can click ‘Update’ which will check for any updates that may be available for your server.

You can also modify your server through the links on the right.

  • ‘Switch/Reinstall’ – This will allow you to reinstall your server back to the default settings at any time. You can also switch to another game of your choice free of charge.
  • ‘Fix-Me Tool’ – Is your server not working? This will attempt to repair certain parts of the server.
  • ‘Mod Central’ – This is where you can install mods/plugins for your server. No more downloading files and uploading them to your server as it’s all done with a single click.
  • ‘File Editor’ – Here you can edit certain core files of your server. For example, the main server configuration file is accessible from here instead of logging into your server via FTP, downloading the file, editing it and then uploading it again.
  • ‘User Manager’ – Want to give someone else access to your control panel when you are not able to? Here you can give someone access to your services; but more importantly restrict what they can do within the panel.
  • ‘Startline Editor’ – Want to execute an installed mod when the server boots up? Simply add the details in here and voila!
  • ‘HLTV/SourceTV’ – You can now add/remove HLTV/SourceTV at the click of a button any time you wish.

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    Another great tutorial.

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