INX-Gaming Tutorial – Setting up a Clan Website

Due to popular request, I am writing this tutorial. This tutorial will be ‘Setting Up A Clan Website, Using Webspell CMS ‘, I may release some other CMS’ tutorial that people can use.

If you need to know how to setup your free INX Web Hosting click here.

If you need to know how to use FTP, please use this link.

Right, lets get to business. Firstly we need to download the CMS, the link you need is here (I will try to keep this link updated as much as possible but this may not be the latest version.) Now that we have the CMS downloaded, we need to upload it to our web hosting. We will use ftp for this, as there are a lot of files. The details you need for FTP are:

FTP Host : Your free sub-domain.

FTP User : Your FTP Username (Usually your Control Panel Username).

FTP Pass: Usually the same password for your INX Control Panel.

Once you have logged in, you should have something that looks like this. Now to show the CMS, the files must be in the public_html folder, so double click on it. Now lets upload them to the site. This can normally be done by a simple click and drag. So open the folder you downloaded, extract the files, and select all, click and drag on to the server. Now go may yourself a cup of tea and eat some biscuits as this takes a while. Once that is done, you should now have something looking like this.

*If your FTP looks like this, then your on the right track. Now we need to chmod some files (Give Permissions). I will teach you how to do one file and then you can do it to the list of files than you need to do it to.

How we ChMOD a file is like this. Long into cPanel and go to File Manager. If it comes up with a popup, just say ‘OK’. Now you should see all the files you just uploaded using FTP. There will be a file called install. Were going to chmod this file. Click on the file and then go to the top of the browser, there will be a key with the words, ‘Change Permissions’ click this. There will be a pop up that comes up. Tick the two boxes that are unchecked on the boxes on the popup, make sure that the number say 777. Click OK, you have successfully, CHMOD’ a file to 777. Now you need to do it to all these files.


To go into a directory file, e.g. admin/ double click the picture of the file.

Some of these files may already be CHMOD’ to 777. Just leave them as they are. Now that this is done, we are ready to install. To Install you need to go to

You should now be confronted with a page that looks like this. If not go back to the * and try again. Now we need to setup a MySQL Database. To do this, we need to go to the MySQL Wizard. This is about 3/4 of the way down your main cPanel Page. Once there you should get a page that looks like this. First we need to create a Database. Fill in the new database field with a sensible name like cms, then click ‘Create Database’. Once that is done, we need to create a user. Pick a suitable username and a strong password. Then click ‘Create User’. Now we need to add the User to the Database. This is done by selecting the Database and Username from the Drop Down Menu. Once you have both selected, click Submit. This will bring you to a page asking what privileges you want to give the Account, select All Privileges Then click, ‘Make Changes’. You will now have your MySQL Database and MySQL User.

Now lets get back to installing the CMS. Lets go back to Click Continue, then read through the Terms and Conditions. Accept if you wish to, if you don’t please do not read on. Once you have accepted. You should get a page saying, ‘ Please enter the url where webspell should be installed′ If so, click Continue. Now Scroll down to the bottom of the page, if in green you have the words, ‘Successfully done!’ Click Continue. Make sure, New Installation is selected and click Continue. Now you will need to fill in the MySQL Data, the data should be like s:

Host Name: localhost MySQL User Name: Your username, then the name of the User (E.g gsdemo_cms , if you did what I suggested earlier) MySQL Password: YourMySQL User password.
MySQL Database Name: Same as the username, Your control panel username first then the Database name. Leave MySQL Table Prefix as it is, (webs_)

Now you need to fill in the Admin data. Make sure you know this as you can’t edit your CMS without it, make sure the email is valid.

Now we do as it says, we need to delete the install file and CHMod the file back to 644. We can do this via cPanel file manager again. To delete the install file. Click on it and click delete. To change the permissions to 644, do as we did earlier, but change the number manually to 6 4 4.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I will release another tutorial for editing the CMS soon.

If you have any Problems please email me.

INX-Gaming Matt

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5 Responses to INX-Gaming Tutorial – Setting up a Clan Website

  1. Ben says:

    Great, its a nice tutorial. Now to see if it all works. Its my first time so wish me luck :)

  2. Simon says:

    Ok, so i just figured out that i can ChMod from SmartFtp. However, the tutorial i’m following on setting up my website says i need to change permissions for a file called install.…-clan-website/

    I have uploaded WebSpell like it said, but I can’t find the file install. All i find is a folder called install.

    Do I just skip that file and move on to the next, or what do I do?

  3. Matt says:

    It is the folder you want to CHMOD and it doesn’t matter whether you do it via SmartFTP or via cPanel :)

  4. Fantastic work …very nicely written.

    easy to understand and easy to follow ( if not ask the support team …its 1 of the best support teams I have come across).

    thanks heaps !

    but there is 1 thing though i have reached the stage as it shown in the tutorial …and now what lol ….as in how do i peronalise it or add banners and things like that.

  5. Cruizer says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_substr() in /home/my10601/public_html/src/func/language.php on line 40
    this is what i am getting i have checked everything but don!t know what the problem is please help

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