INX-Gaming Tutorial – Setting up your Web Hosting.

This is the first of many more tutorials to come. In this tutorial we will be going through setting up your Web Hosting using the INX Control Panel.

Firstly you need to log in to your Control Panel. The link is

Once there, you will be logged in to your Control Panel and will see somthing similar to this.

web hosting setup

You need to go to the Web Hosting part of your Control Panel, the link to it is on the bottom of the nav bar, circled on the above picture. Once you have clicked on that, you will be presented with a page just like this.

web hosting subdomain and domain selection

If you have a domain you wish to use with the INX Web Hosting please fill in the top box, if you wish to use a free subdomain, use the lower box. As advised, this can take a while so please be patient.

Once you have installed your Web Hosting, you will be presented with a page with all the information you need to connect to your Web Hosting. If you come across any problems, please try Reinstalling or in the worst case, contact INX Support.

Canceling Your Web Hosting

Canceling your Web Hosting couldn’t be easier, a button is available at the bottom of your Web Hosting information. You can cancel your Web Hosting for any reasons, some are -

  • Changing the name
  • Removing every file.
  • No use for it.

Hope this helps,

INX-Gaming Matt


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