Setting up a 24/7 Surf Server

Hi Guys,

Recently, there have been an increase in 24/7 surf servers. A few of our customers are wanting to set up a 24/7 surf server. So I am writing this to help them out, as there isn’t that much info on the net.

First of all, we need to know how to add maps to our server and how to edit our mapcycle.txt. This can be learnt here

Now that we have the maps we want. We need to upload them. Follow the tutorial above to add maps. You also need to edit your mapcycle.txt because you will need to remove all the standard maps and add your custom maps. Now that you have done this. We need to change the startup map. To do this, go to “Startline Editor, now in the box, type the name of the map you want as your startup map.

Now that this is done. We are almost finished, we now just need to add one more line to server.cfg. This line is

sv_airaccelerate 100

This is the key line to a surf server. Without this you will NOT be able to surf. Once that is done, restart the server. Now make sure the server comes back online. If it doesn’t, start from the begining. If it still doesn’t come back up. Try the “Fix me” tool, and if that doesn’t work. Please submit a support ticket.

Once your server has come back online. You are ready to get underway.

Congratulations on your 24/7 Surf Server.


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One Response to Setting up a 24/7 Surf Server

  1. Fossil says:

    Go to the AMXModX forums and look for Surf Tools. Awesome plugin :)

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