Server Updates

Afternoon Guys & Gals,

I have been very busy today after the mamouth update lastnight, and is still some outstanding issues from this and these are as follows and most are mod issues.


  • Please run fix me after updating to ensure your server starts with the oranage box engine.
  • Mani Admin currently does not work and we are waiting for an update
  • All other mods have been updated in mod central


  • All these games have had Source Mod and MetaMod ¬†updated to allow servers to run and is available in mod central
  • Mani Admin needs its gametypes.txt updating, this has been done for mod central but you need to generate a new one for your servers if running it, this is available from the mani mod website
  • zBlock currently does not work and need either deleting or removing to allow the servers to work we are waiting on an update

If you are having any other issues  it is either mod related (rename addons folder) and test, or is a bug introduced by Valve. As normal please raise a support ticket if you require further assistance.

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