TF2 CSS DoDS HL2:MP Server Updates Available

Required updates for TF2, CSS, DODS and HL2:DM are now available.  The specific changes are:



Added the Mann-conomy.

- Added 65 new items (hats, weapons, tools, minigames, gifts, crates).

- Added the Mann Co. Store & Catalog.

- Added Trading.

- Added Item customization.

Additional TF2 features:

- Added new auto-team-scramble system:

Set mp_scrambleteams_auto to 1 (default) to automatically scramble the teams if the criteria is met

Set mp_scrambleteams_auto_windifference to set the number of round wins a team must lead by in order to trigger an auto scramble (default is 2)

- Updated how Spy disguise targets are selected to more randomly distribute the selections

- Fixed the FreezePanel background not using the correct color if you were killed by a player or building on your own team

- Server browser tweaks:

It will now encourage you to add servers to Favorites or Blacklists after you have a good/bad experience on them.

The Server Browser now automatically closes after successfully connecting to a server (opt-out via the Options-Multiplayer->Advanced dialog)

Achievement tuning:

- Demoman achievement “The Stickening” changed to 3 from 5.

- Heavy achievement “Krazy Ivan” changed to 50 from 100.

- Medic achievement “Consultation” changed to 3 from 5.

- Medic achievement “Peer Review” changed to 10 from 50.

- Medic achievement “Placebo Effect” changed to 2 from from 5.

- Medic achievement “FYI I am A Medic” changed to 1 from 5.

- Medic achievement “Family Practice” changed to 5 from 10.

- Soldier achievement “Geneva Contravention” changed to 3 from 5.

- Scout achievement “Strike Zone” now counts assists.

- Scout achievements “Fall Classic” and “Foul Territory” are fixed.

Engine changes (CS:S, DoD:S, HL2:DM, and TF2)


- Added sv_alltalk to the list of convars that are checked for the sv_tags list.

- Fixed a model instance crash.

- Removed engine ConVar “r_ForceRestore”.

Other Games


Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

- Updated to run on the Orange Box engine with CS:S, DoD:S, and TF2.


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