TF2 Server Update 19/10/2010

A required update for TF2 Servers is now available. The specific changes include:

- Fixed another sentry gun exploit that let Engineers build multiple sentries.
- Fixed Engineers being able to build level 3 mini-sentries using The Wrangler for real this time


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Team Fortress 2 Update Available 12/10/2010

An optional update for TF2 Servers is now available. The specific changes include:

- Fixed server crash caused by a Scout using the Sandman on an enemy Scout who has used Bonk!
- Made Ellis’ Cap and the Frying Pan tradable
- Added “Automatically respawn after loadout changes in respawn zones” option to the Options->Multiplayer->Advanced dialog
- Fixed a problem with the Lugermorph model


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TF2 CSS DODS HL2DM Server Updates Available 06/10/2010

Required updates for Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch are now available. The specific changes include:

Shared changes (CS:S, DoD:S, HL2:DM, and TF2)
* ServerBrowser now sorts by ping by default once again.
* Fixed Mac crash on launch when running Mac OSX 10.5.8.
* Fixed spectator bug where spectating a Sniper looking through scope didn’t zoom fov.

Team Fortress 2
General Fixes
* Fixed an issue that caused some old demos to crash.
* The server browser now sorts by ping by default.
* The Trading dialog now starts with the chat window having focus.
* Fixed a bug that caused overheal to not work properly.
* Fixed the Sandvich cooldown not occurring when the Heavy is hurt.
* Fixed the Heavy’s hands being invisible.
* Soldiers no longer maintain their rage level when changing loadout.
* Alerts now sort on top of achievement status.
* Prevented a bad state occurring when someone tried to trade with themselves.
* Fixed a dueling related crash caused by custom scoreboard UIs.
* Fixed players not being able to set their default FOV correctly.
* Fixed being unable to equip customized shotguns & pistols on some classes.
* Improved the explanation of the item set bonus in set item descriptions.
* Fixed a bug where items with particle systems would show up at the player’s feet or pelvis.
* Fixed the wrench number for the Golden Wrench not displaying properly.
* Fixed the medal number for the Gentle Manne’s Service Medal not displaying properly.
* Fixed client seeing incorrect message when changing team while participating in a duel.

Economy Changes
* Added Remove Name and Remove Paint features.
* Achievement items and store promotion items are now usable in crafting.
* Gifted items are now craftable and tradable.
* Attempting to craft a non tradable item will result in a warning that the items produced by the craft will also be marked as non tradable.
* Community, Self-Made, and Valve items are not tradable or usable in crafting.
* Changed “Not Craftable” description to “Not Usable in Crafting” to increase clarity.

Item Changes
* The TF badge on the Glengarry Bonnet is no longer team colored.
* Restored the missing PDA2 Slot Token.
* Restored the appearance of the Tippler’s Tricorne to the version prior to the Mannconomy Update. This item is now paintable.
* Added a new paintable hat, the ‘Rimmed Raincatcher’ that has a new Tricorne style appearance.
* The Earbuds are now nameable.
* Duel fixes:
* Fixed Dueling badges using the wrong texture.
* Fixed an issue where dueling stats did not show up on dueling badges above Bronze.
* During a duel, the Dueling mini-game item used to initiate the duel cannot be deleted, traded or crafted.
* The following hats now allow the paint to affect their color more (colors should not be washed out):
* The Pugilist’s Protector, The Hard Counter, The Bombing Run, Football Helmet, Fancy Fedora, Cowboy Hat, Engineer’s Cap, Viking Helm, Respectless Rubber Glove, Batter’s Helmet, Brigade Helm, Master’s Yellow Belt, Killer’s Kabuto, Backbiter’s Billycock
* Dueling Mini-Game now drops with 5 uses.

Weapon Changes
* The Battalion’s Backup no longer gives rage for falling damage.
* The Shortstop is now affected by tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads.
* The Gloves of Running Urgently now using the boxing taunt and boxing glove weapons are now of the type “Boxing Gloves” instead of “Fists.”
* Your Eternal Reward no longer disguises the Spy if the victim survives the backstabbing attempt (because of Ubercharge, The Razorback, etc)
* Your Eternal Reward no longer disguises the Spy if they are carrying the flag.
* The Holy Mackerel no longer displays a fish hit message when a Spy disguised as the attacker’s team is hit.
* The Holy Mackerel no longer triggers other death events (like achievements or stats mods) improperly.
* The Sydney Sleeper no longer penetrates targets.
* The Sydney Sleeper no longer randomly crits.
* Milk will no longer spray from the barrels of other Scout weapons when switching from the Mad Milk.

Counter-Strike: Source
* Fixed a bug where the player crouching/standing animations were delayed until after (from the player’s local viewpoint).
* Changed the way that scope zooming works so that it is no longer affected by client-server latency, and zooming begins immediately for the local player. This fixes an issue that would give an advantage to lower ping players and penalize higher ping players.
* Fixed animation problem caused by aborting bomb plant by switching weapons (“crab walk”).
* Crosshairs now have customizable size, thickness, and color:
* cl_crosshairsize specifies the size of the crosshair in pixels at 640×480 resolution
* cl_crosshairthickness specifies the thickness of the crosshair in pixels at 640×480 resolution
* The crosshair now scales proportionately for all screen resolutions. This replaces the old scaling behavior, and the cvar cl_crosshairscale is no longer used. Players can revert to old crosshair behavior by setting cl_legacy_crosshair_scale to 1.
* Setting cl_crosshaircolor to 5 enables the use of custom crosshair colors, specified by cvars cl_crosshaircolor_r, cl_crosshaircolor_g, and cl_crosshaircolor_b.
* The default of cl_crosshairuseapha has been changed to 1. Alpha blending makes the crosshair much more visible on new HDR maps, and it is recommended that existing players enable this setting manually or through the options interface (Multiplayer->Crosshair appearance->Translucent).
* Cvar cl_legacy_crosshair has been renamed to cl_legacy_crosshair_recoil for consistency.
* Fixed inverted translucency preview on crosshair configuration panel.
* Removed the ability for players to temporarily stand on and jump from thrown grenades and jumping players. Legacy behavior can be enabled by setting sv_enableboost to 1.
* Fixed issue with players “stacking” on ladders. Players are no longer prevented from moving off a ladder when they are in contact with a player beneath them.
* Fixed UI issue causing Steam dialog boxes to be unreadable over certain backgrounds.
* Fixed a bug which allowed players to move the bomb with +use when sv_turbophysics was enabled.
* Fixed a bug that caused crosshair to expand when attempting to fire an empty gun or when holding trigger on pistols.
* Players are no longer kicked for team killing during mp_spawnprotectiontime if mp_autokick is not enabled.
* Fixed a bug which caused incorrect FoV on zoomed sniper rifles after reload.
* Fixed FoV on wide-screen display modes.
* Fixed a bug which caused incorrect zoom for a spectator watching a player with a sniper rifle.
* Fixed a crash that could occur if a player disconnected shortly after attacking a bot.
* Bomb icon now has priority over dominated/dominating icon on scoreboard.
* Deathcam now allows a short period of camera movement (matching pre-OB behavior) when a player dies.
* Bots now use distinct Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist icons on the scoreboard, voice indicators, end of match, and freeze panel.
* The round clock on the spectator UI is now replaced with a bomb icon after the C4 has been planted.
* Fixed a bug which caused models to occasionally appear non-animating when cl_minmodels and low violence mode were both enabled.
* Fixed the Buy Menu not taking into account the discounted price for Kevlar + Helmet if you already have Kevlar (not damaged) or a Helmet.
* Fixed cases where flashbang was not visible but still blinded the player.
* Reduced blindness amount when looking away from a flashbang.
* Added a checkbox to the Options->Audio dialog to control muting the audio when the game window is in the background.
* Fixed crash in custom maps using the trigger_camera entity.

A required update for Counter-Strike: Source is now available. The specific changes are:

- Fixed incorrect distance on flashbang effect.
- Reverted changes to de_inferno and de_nuke.


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Left 4 Dead Server and Left 4 Dead 2 Server Update Released 05/10/2010

An update to Left 4 Dead Servers & Left 4 Dead 2 Servers has been released.

The major changes include:
L4D 360:
- Added “The Sacrifice” content.

L4D2 360:
- Added “The Sacrifice” content.
- Added “No Mercy” content.

- Game Play
• Bullets that first pass through an infected character before striking a Survivor are now ignored as friendly fire.
• Fix for survivors speaking The Passing Finale lines in other campaigns.
• Added a setup timer to Versus Survival
• Fixed bug in Versus-Survival where a team could get 5 survivors
• Removed Defibs and First Aid Kits in Realism Versus. Survivors start with a First Aid Kit, but all world spawns are disabled.
- UI
• Added vote option to enable All Talk in Versus.
• Added vote option to Restart Chapter in Versus.
• Added the ability in the lobby for all players to vote on starting the game.
- Versus
• Charger now receives 300 points for any Survivor that is insta-killed.
• Charger now receives 100 points for any Survivor that is insta-incapped by a charge.
• Any infected that causes a Survivor to stumble into a “ledge hang” situation will receive 50 points.
• Tanks go into a stasis when they spawn and leave stasis when the human player takes over.
• Tanks in stasis are invisible but still show a glow to the infected team.
• Tanks do not attack when they are in stasis.
• Tanks in stasis cannot be set on fire or damaged.

- Fixed a few third person camera cheats.
- Added VPK audio cache support.
- Added “The Sacrifice” content.
- Added Versus Multi-Map Scoreboard
- Added the L4D2 Mounted .50 Cal
- Game is fully playable on the Mac platform.
- Fixed a few third person camera cheats.
- Added “The Sacrifice” content.
- Added “No Mercy” content.
- Versus: Infected players will get a respawn time reduction against teams that rush.
- Removed need for Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support for Community Campaigns

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Server Updates

Afternoon Guys & Gals,

I have been very busy today after the mamouth update lastnight, and is still some outstanding issues from this and these are as follows and most are mod issues.


  • Please run fix me after updating to ensure your server starts with the oranage box engine.
  • Mani Admin currently does not work and we are waiting for an update
  • All other mods have been updated in mod central


  • All these games have had Source Mod and MetaMod  updated to allow servers to run and is available in mod central
  • Mani Admin needs its gametypes.txt updating, this has been done for mod central but you need to generate a new one for your servers if running it, this is available from the mani mod website
  • zBlock currently does not work and need either deleting or removing to allow the servers to work we are waiting on an update

If you are having any other issues  it is either mod related (rename addons folder) and test, or is a bug introduced by Valve. As normal please raise a support ticket if you require further assistance.

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TF2 CSS DoDS HL2:MP Server Updates Available

Required updates for TF2, CSS, DODS and HL2:DM are now available.  The specific changes are:



Added the Mann-conomy.

- Added 65 new items (hats, weapons, tools, minigames, gifts, crates).

- Added the Mann Co. Store & Catalog.

- Added Trading.

- Added Item customization.

Additional TF2 features:

- Added new auto-team-scramble system:

Set mp_scrambleteams_auto to 1 (default) to automatically scramble the teams if the criteria is met

Set mp_scrambleteams_auto_windifference to set the number of round wins a team must lead by in order to trigger an auto scramble (default is 2)

- Updated how Spy disguise targets are selected to more randomly distribute the selections

- Fixed the FreezePanel background not using the correct color if you were killed by a player or building on your own team

- Server browser tweaks:

It will now encourage you to add servers to Favorites or Blacklists after you have a good/bad experience on them.

The Server Browser now automatically closes after successfully connecting to a server (opt-out via the Options-Multiplayer->Advanced dialog)

Achievement tuning:

- Demoman achievement “The Stickening” changed to 3 from 5.

- Heavy achievement “Krazy Ivan” changed to 50 from 100.

- Medic achievement “Consultation” changed to 3 from 5.

- Medic achievement “Peer Review” changed to 10 from 50.

- Medic achievement “Placebo Effect” changed to 2 from from 5.

- Medic achievement “FYI I am A Medic” changed to 1 from 5.

- Medic achievement “Family Practice” changed to 5 from 10.

- Soldier achievement “Geneva Contravention” changed to 3 from 5.

- Scout achievement “Strike Zone” now counts assists.

- Scout achievements “Fall Classic” and “Foul Territory” are fixed.

Engine changes (CS:S, DoD:S, HL2:DM, and TF2)


- Added sv_alltalk to the list of convars that are checked for the sv_tags list.

- Fixed a model instance crash.

- Removed engine ConVar “r_ForceRestore”.

Other Games


Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

- Updated to run on the Orange Box engine with CS:S, DoD:S, and TF2.


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Garry’s Mod Update 23/09/2010

Updates to Garry’s Mod Servers have been released. The major changes include:

Garry’s Mod

  • Added Toybox ingame map downloading
  • Added button to toggle toolmenu visibility
  • Clicking outside of the spawnmenu now closes it
  • Tweaked spawnmenu sizing
  • Fixed huge memory leaks under Linux
  • Combined singleplayer and multiplayer new game dialog
  • Added web controls to Toybox
  • ‘Clean Up Everything’ now clears decals and ragdolls
  • Fixed lights being visible through walls
  • Dog now throws and catches
  • r_hunkalloclightmaps is now 0 by default

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Updates and Changes

New features

As you have noticed this is not quite the same blog that you were looking at 24 hours ago and thats because we have done a total rebuild on it with a new theme, and some new features.

We will shortly be fully releasing the new Knowledge Base that will be incorporated into the blog. It is taking shape and is being populated as I speak and will continue to be added to as we get new tickets and we don’t have a nice answer for you. Thus meaning you get the help you want quicker!

Searching has been improved by searching everything, including the new Knowledge Base and will highlight your phrase so makes it easier to find what your looking for. Meaning no more trawling through pages of stuff and then finding its not there!

Team Speak 3, this is well and truly under development I handed over the newly built server for our developer to start using at the beginning of the week. So hopefully not too far away now (and no we are not talking Valve time!!) and so we are getting quite excited about this, as it won’t just be Team Speak 3!!

An email will be going out about this but the Ventrilo servers will be unavailable on Thursday the 30th of September 2010 between 0300 – 1200 local time UK.

For now peace out and keep fragging!!
Olly & Simon

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TF2 servers update

Last night’s update for TF2 servers

This one was quite interesting. The initial update broke so that versions were all over the place. However, if you run the update button your TF2 servers control panel, your TF2 server should now update:

About the TF2 servers update

A required update to Team Fortress 2 is now available. The specific changes include:

Engine (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2):
- Fixed clients locking up while attempting to load the game and re-enabled signature checking.

Team Fortress 2:
- Fixed a case where some items would display an empty string for their name.


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TF2 / CSS / Day of Defeat Source Updates Released 09/09/2010

Required updates to TF2 servers, CCS servers and Day of Defeat Source servers are now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive the updates. The specific changes include:

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2)
- Disabled clients loading server plug-ins unless the plug-ins are signed by Steam or the client is running in insecure mode.
- Added a checkbox to the Options->Audio dialog to control muting the audio when the game window is in the background.

Counter-Strike: Source
- Fixed crash in custom maps using the trigger_camera entity.

Team Fortress 2
- Fixed another bug in the Steamworks internal stats reporting.
- Updated the localization files.


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